Tuesday, January 16, 2007

International Language School & English Club


Diagonal 4, 9-71 Zona 9
Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, C.A.

The two schools are actually one in the same, having been founded by a Northamerican, Guatemalan resident in 1978, whose goal has always been to try make the world a little smaller through the study of languages. The four languages that the institute offers are: English, Spanish, Ki´che and Mam


Well, in the first place, we are the only one outside of town, away from the maddening crowd. In the second place, the founder and director is a Northamerican, who has spent half of his life in Latin American, teaching and learning about the languages and cultures. As a result, he has devised a foolproof method on the approach to learning these languages, which is approved by the Minister of Education of Guatemala, while enjoying a great success in practical, classroom application. Our unique plan offers: five hours of daily study; a private teacher, with the option of changing him or her every week. The instruction is tailored to the level and need of the student. It is not unusual therefore, to have someone who is getting a PdD as a linguist to come to study Ki´che with us, as well as someome who wants to learn Spanish in order to travel. We have a trained faculty staff with seasoned teachers, who are specialists in the Spanish language and the Latin American political and social culture in general.
The director, who is a professor of English at San Carlos University and member of the Mayan Writers Association, has the following books out on the market: A two volume study of the post-Classic Maya; a translation or Recordación Florida by Fuentes y Guzman, and a two volume series of short stories entitled: Latin Stories/Cuentos Latinos. All of this material is used in the class and in later discussed in small groups once a week.
It´s a good way to get to meet the other students and teachers. You can also get together in our coffee house, where we listen to classical music, play chess and enjoy Italian and Guatemalan food. Of course it´s all done in the language you are studying: Spanish, Ki´che or Mam, but the director is usually there to offer assistance in English when necessary.
Most of the people at English Club, I.L.S. have been together since it was founded in 1978 and the institute has acquired a respectability of excellence by the local citizens and foreign students alike. It is quite gratifying to see people who are trying to speak Spanish and people who are trying to speak English, locking into each other. One seems to understand the other´s difficulty and an unspoken sympathy evolves, and making the world a little bit smaller.
That´s why we think at English Club, I.L.S. we are different and we´re proud of the idea of trying to make a bridge between the Americas.

You can begin your classes any day of the week, between Monday and Friday, if you give us at least a two week notice of your arrival date. bennakum@yahoo.com

Our choice of Guatemalan families with whom you will live, brings you an enthusiastic environment in which to practice your language skills. They treat you so well, that you probably won´t want to leave and usually long term friendships are made here. There are arrangements for couples in healthy, happy and artistic surroundings.

Guatemala is a country about the size of New Jersey, bordered by Belize and Mexico to the north and Honduras And El Salvador to the south.

It is famous for its beautiful landscapes and the stark contrasts of its nature. Aldous Huxley thought Lake Atitlan was one of the mos beautiful spots in the world, being rivaled only by Lake Lugano in Italy.
The history reaches back to the Olmec empire up´to the Colonial Period, until today where an interesting contrast of the ancient and the modern exist in the climate of a developing nation.

Quetzaltenango is located 7,000 feet up, but in valley so that the healthy climate of 70°F during the day, makes it quite perfect for living comfort, it is said to be one of the oldest inhabited places on the face of the earth, but preserves its authenticity as an Indian Town. It is on the crossroads between the ancient Quiché and Mam nations and therefore maintains its original name of XELAJUNOOJ or simply XELA (Shey la) which means "Under the Ten Wise Men".
The numerous Indian villages around the city will be visited with your teacher as a friend and guide. The fairs, handicrafts and clothing will impress you deeply in an unforgettable way. There are numerous hot sulphur, and vapor baths where you will be taken on the weekends for a picnic and relaxation from study.

If you are interested in studying Spanish (Ki´che or Mam) as a foreign language, and you don´t want to get stuck in a tourist trap, where the prices are high and most everyone you meet speaks English to you, then you must come to "Xela" to study with us.

"Don´t Settle For Less, Study At I.L.S."

Morning 8:00 12:00
Afternoon 2:00 6:00
Tuition Week Cost
4 $ 400
3 $ 300
2 $ 200
1 $ 150

This includes 4 hours of daily study, room and board, with laundry service and three meals, excursions, discussions and parties.


A birth certificate will get you a visa, a passport is preferred, but ask your travel agent for details

The Guatemalan money is a Quetzal. The current exchange rate is Q. 8.00 for $ 1.00. You should bring traveler´s checks in U.S. dollars.